Castelvetro di Modena

Castelvetro of Modena is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna between Modena and Bologna near Maranello.

Formerly an Etruscan country then, around 150 Ac. , The Roman legions  create a military garrison, A CASTRUM (military camp).

From here the place name “Castelvetro” deriving from the Latin CASTRUM Vetus (Old Camp). The territory of Castelvetro combines qualities and natural highlights cultural and gastronomic to a policy of environmental protection and enhancement.

Since 1994, given the strong wine vocation of the territory, Castelvetro is CITY OF WINE; since 2003 City ORANGE FLAG (Environmental Quality Mark tourist) and since 2008 has obtained EMAS registration.

Tourists can choose between various thematic tours and guided tours of the local area and the province of Modena, to go on foot or mountain bike.

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Comune di Castelvetro di Modena

Comune di Castelvetro Visit Castelvetro

Modena Culture and gastronomy Engines

 Around  few meters, the city offers three unique beauties: Grand Square, the Cathedral and the Ghirlandina.

That’s why in 1997, UNESCO has proclaimed this complex a World Heritage Site.

Modena extraordinary city of art and culture but also capital of wine, the stars are the traditional balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco wine and salami.

Finally, together with Maserati to Ferrari attracts millions of fans from around the world.

A 10-minute machine Modena and the B & B is on the golf course international MODENA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB“. For more information, click the links below.

Comune di Modena

Modena gOLF






Piazza grande by night modena golf


Maranello is the fame of the Cavallino”; city of Ferrari embodies the myth of red.

Here in fact the seat since 1943 the most prestigious car manufacturer in the world, a symbol of high technology combined with a passion for the work, innovation and ability to “Make”.

Maranello is part of the ceramic: the town is located between the plain and the hills that lead Emilian Apennines.

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Comune di Maranello







Located in the beautiful hilly landscape offers its tourists glimpses Magic Castle and the structure of which consists of a wall, the center of which stands the Torre Matilda“. Since the XII century fortified complex was restored and expanded.

The last major work completed in 2007 have allowed the preservation of cultural and historic value of a property unique making it fully functional and suitable for exhibitions, cultural activities, entertainment and restaurant business.

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Castelli di Modena

Castello di Levizzano






 The history of Vignola and that of his Rocca go hand in hand during a long period of time ranging from the struggles of the feudal lords in the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

The fortress is, for all inhabitants of vignola, the most important symbol and beloved of geographical and cultural identity.

Spring  is characterized by the wonderful spectacle of the cherry blossom season, a time preceding the date of maturity of the fruit, the next harvest distribution and sale to consumers.

Like every year organizes the festival of cherry blossoms: a concentrate of various initiatives, of cultural, artistic and economic.

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comuna di Vignola

Comune di Vignola

Rocca di Vignola          

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